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          Home > ProductsThe SnSe-based thermoelectric ingot for thermoelectric power generation modules, good for converting 600-1000K heat sources into electricity


          The SnSe-based thermoelectric ingot is grown by the Thermonamic with the alloy of Sn, Se and others, and our unique crystallizing processes. The SnSe-Based thermoelectric ingot is used to fabricate the modules for power generation, good for converting 600~1000 K heat sources into electricity. The peak dimensionless figure of merit (ZT) of our p-type ingots is larger than 1.9 around 850 K, and good for waste heat recovery. Meanwhile, our ingot is featured with good mechanical strength and highly stable property, providing the key elements for producing the high performance and reliable power generation modules used for middle temperature range heat sources.


          Performance Specification



          Type Number


          Diameter (mm)

          10 ± 1


          Length (mm)

          50 ± 5


          Weight (g)

          20 ± 5


          Electrical Conductivity (σ / 102 S m-1)

          15 ~ 60

          300 ~ 850 K

          Seebeck Coefficient (α / μV K-1)

          400 ~ 580

          300 ~ 850 K

          Thermal Conductivity (κ / W m-1 K-1)

          0.45 ~ 0.6

          600 ~ 850 K

          Power Factor ( P / W m K-2)

          ≥ 0.0009

          600 K

          ZT value

          ≥ 1.9


          Specification of SnSe-based Thermoelectric Ingot

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