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          Home > ProductsTEMP Series is the Bismuth Telluride based thermoelectric modules for converting heat into electricity.

          The power module is designed and manufactured by our patented technology for converting heat source directly into electricity. The module is Bi-Te based thermoelectric module that can work at the temperature of as high as 230 °C. The thermoelectric module will generate DC electricity as long as there is a temperature difference across the module. The more power will be generated when the temperature difference across the module becomes larger, and the efficiency of converting heat energy into electricity will increase therefore. The module is stuck with the high thermal conductivity graphite sheet on its both sides of the ceramic plates to provide low contact thermal resistance, hence you do not need to apply thermal grease or other heat transfer compound when you install the module. The graphite sheet can work well in extremely high temperature.  



          • Size: 21 mm x 18 mm
          • Open circuit voltage: 2.4 volts
          • Matched load output resistance: 6.9 ohms
          • Matched load output voltage: 2.4 volts
          • Matched load output current: 0.35 amperes
          • Matched load output power: 0.84 watts

          downloadSpecification Sheet Download

          downloadPower Module Installation Notes


          If you did not find thermoelectric module that meets your requirements, we are ready to design the one at your request.